8 Best Anniversary Room Decorating Ideas (Very Romantic!)

Whether your anniversary was five minutes ago or 50 years ago, there are ways to make it memorable beyond the traditional dinner and roses routine.

For example, you could create an anniversary bedroom decorating ideas bucket list of all the things you haven’t done yet but want to do together before your next big anniversary. You can also take this opportunity to redecorate one of the most important rooms in your house – your bedroom!

Make your anniversary room decorating ideas extra special with these bedroom decorating ideas that will make both you and your significant other happy.

(1) Get Personal With a Custom Headboard

Building a custom headboard is a great way to personalize your bedroom decorating and make it extra special for your anniversary. You can get creative with the simple anniversary room decorations and make it match your home’s style, or you can find inspiration from the quote “Love is All You Need”.

(A) Cut two pieces of plywood the size of your bed. 

(B) Attach them together with metal brackets on the outside edges.

(C) Paint the boards in a color that matches your walls.

(D) Measure out how tall you want your headboard then paint them in a matching color to cover up any gaps in between the board joints.

(E) Add a decorative trim around the sides to hide the rough cuts and add an elegant touch to the piece to make the best romantic anniversary bedroom decoration.

(F) Personalize your headboard by cutting letters into both boards and painting words such as Love or Beloved.

(G) Sand down all surfaces with sandpaper if needed before painting so there are no bumps.

(H) Once the paint has dried, use wood glue along the outer edge of one board and attach to wall.

(I) Use screws or nails to secure at least every 16 inches.

(J) Repeat steps 8-9 for other side of headboard.

(K) Attach a bracket about four inches in from each end using screws or nails.

(L) Screw through bracket and attach to wall using screws (you may need help).

(M) Hang your new headboard!

(2) Create a Romantic Ambiance With Lighting

When it comes to romantic anniversary room decoration, creating a romantic ambiance is an important part of making your anniversary extra special. A few simple changes can turn your bedroom into a place for love and intimacy. Dim the lights, light candles, and turn on some soft music.

Use aromatherapy or essential oils to create a mood with scents. Create an atmosphere with sensory details like fresh flowers or fragrant potpourri in bowls or containers that you can change often during the year.

Consider adding decorative accents like heart-shaped cushions, red sheets and throws, and even rose petals scattered around the bedding as if it were just made up after a romantic evening together

(3) Incorporate Your Wedding Colours

To make your anniversary extra special, you can incorporate your wedding colors or other symbols that are important to you as a couple. One of the best ways of bedroom decorating ideas for an anniversary is by using the same colours on the walls, bedspread and curtains.

You could also put up pictures of your favorite moments as a couple in your bedroom. Another idea is to have flowers from your wedding displayed around the room, such as fresh roses or gardenias.

(4) Display Your Wedding Photos

You should know you want your wedding to be a celebration of who you are and what makes you uniquely different. You also loved the idea of celebrating how far you have come as a couple and where you are going in the future.

To do this, the anniversary room decorations must be designed with lots of personal touches that were made by friends, family members, and ourselves.

(5) Add Some Greenery

Add some greenery to your bedroom decorating ideas for anniversary. For a more vibrant look, try adding some plants or flowers. If you are not a plant person, then try using a plant pot or vase as part of your décor. It will give the room an earthy and green vibe.

Put up photos: Pictures are always great additions to any home. Put up old photos from when you two were dating on either side of the bed  or hang them on the walls in black frames. Add in other sentimental items: In addition to pictures, add in other sentimental items like those wedding bands that he surprised her with while they were on vacation last summer.

(6) Hang Fairy Lights

Hang fairy lights. Fairy lights are a great way to create the best bedroom decorating ideas for anniversaries and they add an ethereal glow when they’re turned off. You can find them in lots of different colours at your local home improvement store, or if you’re feeling crafty, make your own by following these instructions.

Use the words “I love you” throughout the space: Use the words I love you throughout the space. Consider using phrases like “Love is Patient”, “Love is Kind”, “Love Never Fails”, etc., on picture frames and other decorative objects around your bedroom.

Play it on repeat: Play it on repeat. If there’s one song that captures how much you love each other, play it over and over again while you decorate! It will set such a special tone for what should be a very special day!

(7) Get New Bedding

Fresh, new anniversary room decorations are a great way to add some life into your bedroom, and it’s also a nice way to show your loved one that you care about them. Plus, with so many options available for bedding these days (including inexpensive items), it’s the perfect opportunity for you two to update the look of your room together. Consider getting new sheets and pillows or adding a headboard or comforter set. You’ll both be glad you did!

(8) Make a Statement With Your Wall Art

Express your love through your anniversary room decorating ideas with wall art. You don’t need to be an artist or have a lot of money to decorate the walls in your room. All you need is a little creativity and some materials! 

Use large, beautiful photographs as wall art.

If you’re in search of images, search for royalty-free images. If it’s not possible for you to take the photos yourself, look for someone who has something that matches what you’re looking for and ask them if they would sell it to you.

There are also many websites where you can purchase pictures for inexpensive prices. And if all else fails, consider purchasing posters from an art gallery instead of from a retail store.