How To Make Your Apartment Room Cat Friendly

Cats are friendly creatures and many people wish to bring one into their home, but not every apartment or room is the perfect place to do so. If you’re considering getting a cat, it’s important to make sure your space will work well with your new furry friend. It takes time to properly set up your living space so that your cat can stay happy and healthy, but it will be well worth it in the long run!

For more information on how to make your apartment cat-friendly, read on below!

(1) Get Declawed

Declawing your cat is a terrible decision that will lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering for your pet. There are humane alternatives to declawing available such as trimming nails, providing scratching posts, or using deterrents like double sided tape or citrus scents.

Cats typically scratch to maintain their claws’ sharpness so long nails can be trimmed every few weeks. One of the best tips for cat friendly apartment would be, if you’re not sure how often you should have them done, ask your veterinarian!

They’ll be able to advise on what’s best for your specific cat and answer any other questions about care. When it comes time to get them groomed, make sure they’ve been groomed before with success- if they were hesitant the first time, don’t push it by bringing them back too soon.

Brush regularly: Cats love attention and brushing helps keep their coat clean! It also removes excess fur from around the house. Use a brush designed specifically for cats’ coats, since human brushes are usually too stiff. Make sure you brush both sides of the cat’s coat at once, just in case they find one side more enjoyable than the other.

Groom occasionally: Regularly grooming your cat will help remove dead hair and prevent mats from forming in their fur which causes them to itch!

(2) Get some scratching posts

Scratching posts provide a place for your cat to sharpen their claws and also a place to play. Scratching is also a way of marking their territory, so make sure you have more than one scratching post in the house.

While taking steps to create a cat-friendly room, it’s important that cats get regular exercise as they are typically very active animals who can spend up to two-thirds of their day at rest.

To combat this natural instinct, try making a list of activities that they can do while resting on their side or back such as stretching, grooming themselves or playing with toys.

Lastly, if you’re worried about getting scratched when reaching out to pet your cat don’t be! Cats will not scratch or bite humans unless threatened.

Cats respond better to positive reinforcement rather than negative reinforcement, so instead of yanking your hand away from them when they jump up on you just gently push them off and use some treats or a toy to distract them from jumping again.

They’ll know what behavior isn’t wanted and will adjust accordingly.

(3) Add toys

Adding toys to your living space is a great way to keep your cat entertained. Scratching posts is a good idea, but they’re expensive. The next best thing would be putting up cardboard or cork-board so the cats can have some rough playtime and scratch their nails on it as well.

Keep in mind that you might need to add more than one scratching post in your cat-friendly apartments if you have more than one cat, since sometimes cats will get territorial and fight over who gets to use the scratching post.

If you’ve got a whole bunch of them around, the cats will probably all take turns using them and stop fighting.

Make sure to trim your cats’ claws regularly: If there’s no scratching post for them to do it on, then make sure you trim their claws regularly so they don’t destroy any furniture!

(4) Keep the litter box clean

One of the first things in your cat friendly apartment ideas, you’ll want to do is find a location for your cat’s litter box. This should be someplace that’s easy to access, but not in the middle of traffic flow. Make sure to scoop it at least once per day and clean it out with warm water and soap once a week.

If you’re going on vacation or traveling away from home, make arrangements for someone to come by and scoop your cat’s litter box during this time. To keep your kitty entertained while you’re gone, set up an indoor play area that includes scratching posts, toys, and fun hiding places.

You may also consider investing in a bird feeder outside your window so they can watch nature while they’re inside. Also, don’t forget to leave them with plenty of fresh food and water before you head out!

(5) Provide fresh water at all times

Get a water fountain if your cat likes to drink from running water and make sure you keep the bowl filled with fresh water. Cats can drink up to two liters of water a day, so it’s important to keep them hydrated!

If you’re thinking about how to make your flat cat-friendly, try to place food dishes in different locations so that they don’t associate the dish with just one place. A good rule of thumb is to have at least three different feeding areas. The first should be near their bedding or favorite area; second, next to where they play; and third, near the litter box.

Never use ammonia-based cleaners in your cat friendly apartment ideas: these will not only be harmful for your pet but also for humans who may smell it on themselves after coming into contact with the product.

Try using vinegar-based cleaners instead. Clean their litter box every day: Scoop any clumps daily before adding more litter as cats are sensitive about their waste area.

(6) Set up your bed and have lots of naps there

Another tip for a cat-friendly apartment would be, to make sure to set up your bed and have lots of naps there! Cats are naturally drawn to beds for their warmth, comfort, and safety. You want to create a space where your cat feels safe and secure, so be sure to put an extra blanket or two over the top of the bedspread.

Avoid using any fabric with synthetic fibers, as they’re not good for cats. If you can’t afford new furniture or just don’t want to go through that expense, you can also use some old clothes as blankets – they’ll feel nice and soft on your cat’s fur.

When picking out pillows, look for those made from natural materials like cotton. It might seem like a lot of work to make your place pet-friendly, but it will definitely be worth it in the end!

(7) Have personal spaces for your cats

One of the best cat-friendly apartment ideas would be leaving some personal spaces for your cats so they can get comfortable whenever they feel anxious.

(A) Put a few large baskets around your house for the kitty to nap in, play with toys in and crawl under for privacy.

(B) Line the floors of all the baskets with soft towels or blankets so the kitty feels comfortable when lying down on them.

(C) Buy a mat that your cat can lay on that will make it feel like it has its own space inside the basket.

(D) Make sure the baskets are close to other places you might be, like your couch or bed.

(E) Leave some food out for the kitty (a bowl of wet food is great).

(F) Get a scratching post for the kitty so it doesn’t scratch up everything in sight.

(G) If you’re going away from home, give your cat lots of attention before you leave and put out enough food/water bowls so they don’t go hungry/thirsty while you’re gone!

(H) Invest in a litter box that’s small enough to fit anywhere but big enough for your cat’s needs.

(I) Have a designated spot in the bathroom where the kitty can do his business without getting into anything else.

(J) If you have an outdoor balcony or porch, get another litter box and place it outside so they’ll have access to fresh air but still use their litter box indoors as well!

(K) Fill any remaining baskets with toys and things for the kitty to climb up onto.

(L) Clean the entire apartment at least once every week so there aren’t too many tempting smells for the kitty to sniff at when you’re not home.

(M) Keep drapes closed at all times if there are windows your cat could jump out of.

(N) Find a pet-friendly building.

(O) Find ways to keep cats occupied while you’re away – try puzzles and wand toys.

(P) Be patient, this process may take time but eventually, your cat will be happy in their new home!

(8) Let them run around as much as they want

Make sure your apartment is cat-friendly. Cats need to get exercise and fresh air, so let them roam the house for a couple hours every day. Not only will they be happier, but their scratching will be less likely to damage your furniture.

The last step to creating a cat-friendly room would be, to keep all plants at least six inches off of the ground to avoid accidents. And don’t forget about their litter box: use heavy plastic or wire containers, keep it scooped daily, and change it out once a week (cats are very sensitive to smells).

It should also be in an easily accessible location, away from appliances that might cause an accident. Finally, make sure there’s enough space in the room!

A healthy adult cat needs around 16 square feet of living space per animal, so if you have one adult cat, you’ll want 48 square feet of living space in your apartment.

If you have two cats in your one-bedroom apartment, consider getting a second-floor place with more than 100 square feet.

So this is how to make your apartment cat-friendly on a small budget, with just some good knowledge and care.

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