6 Tips On How to Design a Small Bedroom

If you live in a small apartment, or if you are one of the many people who have moved into a smaller home after raising children, you know that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the space that you don’t have in your bedroom.

The key to keeping things organized and functional in such a small space, however, is carefully decorating, along with an eye for what items are truly necessary and which ones can be left out without sacrificing your enjoyment of the room.

These bedroom decorating ideas will help you transform your small room into the homey and comfortable sanctuary that everyone deserves.

(1) Use Light Colors

A great way to make a small room look bigger is by using light colors. A lot of people think that dark colors make a space look smaller, but it’s actually the opposite. Dark colors can give off an enclosed feeling and because there are so many more shadows, things can appear closer together than they actually are. 

That being said, you should avoid using light colors on your DIY small bedroom decorating ideas; instead use it as an accent color on one wall or just a few large pieces of furniture. You could also go with neutral tones like white or beige which will not take up as much visual space and will still help open up the room. If you have windows on multiple sides of the room, you might want to consider hanging curtains to create depth – this will create a feeling of an additional window without taking up any valuable square footage.

(2) Use Furniture that is Multifunctional

One trick to make a small room feel larger is to use furniture that is multifunctional. For example, instead of buying two nightstands for your small bedroom decor ideas, you can buy a dresser that has drawers and space on top to hold your alarm clock and table lamp. 

You can also buy a corner shelf that attaches to the wall as well as one with brackets and screws so it sits flat against it too. You might also want to consider getting an armoire or cabinet that doubles as storage and a place to display your framed pictures or artwork. If there’s enough room in the bedroom, add some shelves above your bed for books, magazines, or extra blankets you may need at night. Make sure they are sturdy enough to handle anything you plan on storing up there. 

To keep your room looking tidy, store items like shoes under the bed or in baskets within easy reach.

(3) Get Rid of Clutter

One of the first things to do with decoration ideas for small bedroom is to get rid of clutter. This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it can be one of the most difficult tasks. If you have a lot of stuff that you don’t use or need, then it’s time to set up a donation box and get going on your decluttering process.

The less stuff you have in your bedroom, the more space you will have to decorate and enjoy. Consider limiting your wardrobe to only hanging clothes so there are no floor items at all. Use open shelving instead of closets, as they take up less room than doors or drawers. 

Arrange furniture away from the walls with spaces between them so that nothing is blocking pathways and sightlines, which could help make a cluttered area feel bigger too.

(4) Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make a small room feel bigger because they reflect light and create an illusion of depth. Mirrors are one of the best bedroom ideas for small rooms. If you have a large bed, use two mirrors facing each other on opposite walls to make the bed seem even larger.

Mirrors can also be used as shelves by adding glass shelves on top and placing books or decorative items inside. You could also use them as side tables with knick-knacks sitting on top.  The best place to put your mirror is in front of your closet, so that when you open it up, you see yourself standing before it – making your closet feel twice its size!

Other places to put your mirror include: above your desk if you want to look at yourself while you work, next to the bathtub if you want to watch TV while relaxing or at the head of your bed if you need a nightlight.

(5) Use Shelving to Your Advantage

Shelf space is an overlooked aspect of bedroom decorating, but it can be a great way to add function and style to your small bedroom decor ideas. Shelving can serve as extra storage space, free up floor and dresser space, and provide you with a place to display items that would otherwise be tucked away in drawers.

The best part about shelves is that they take up very little visual space so they don’t dominate your bedroom like other pieces of furniture. Consider mounting bookshelves on the wall above your bed or across from a window to give yourself more room to read or work on your laptop.

You might also find shelving useful in the corner by the door where things are often left because there’s no other place for them! Use cubbies to store out-of-season clothes: If you have a walk-in closet, think about installing cubbies at one end of the space. DIY small bedroom decorating ideas like this will help save time when getting dressed in the morning because instead of digging through piles looking for what to wear, everything will be at eye level and easy to access!

(6) Maximize Your Natural Light

Windows, skylights, and natural light are your best friends when it comes to how to design a small bedroom. When you’re looking for ways to decorate a small bedroom, think about maximizing your natural light. You can start by making sure that your windows aren’t blocked by curtains or blinds and that they provide ample sunlight during the day. Skylights can also be used to bring in more light and make the room seem larger than it is. 

As far as small bedroom decorating ideas go, white walls work well with this type of lighting because they reflect what little sun there is instead of absorbing it like darker colors do. A bedspread or duvet cover that is lighter will also reflect more sunlight into your room at night which will help keep you up if you have trouble sleeping with less natural light.