7 Best Zen Garden Makeover Ideas For Small Garden

Gardens are places where you can go to escape the stresses and worries of everyday life.

It’s easy to forget that they also need care and maintenance to stay beautiful, especially if they’re in small spaces.

If you’re looking to refresh your garden into a more serene space, these tips on Zen garden makeover ideas for a small garden will give you everything you need.

With the right layout, plants, and materials, you can make any small space feel like an oasis in the city.

But at the very first step let’s get some basic ideas about what a Zen garden is and why it’s so trendy these days.

What is a Zen Garden?

Zen gardens use natural materials, like rocks, sand, water, plants, and gravel. These gardens are often designed with the intention of bringing tranquillity.

The idea behind this is that nature has a way of calming the mind and restoring balance. A zen garden can be used for contemplation or relaxation.

It’s important to note that there isn’t one true design for a small Zen garden. Instead, many people have their own personal interpretations of what a zen garden should look like.

Some gardens may be more complicated than others, but all zen gardens share an emphasis on simplicity and emptiness.

They are supposed to evoke calmness in those who visit them by having little distractions from the outside world.

Benefits of Zen Gardening

When you’re feeling stressed or anxious, the best thing to do is take some time for yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of daily life, but there are simple ways you can make time for yourself.

One of these ways is zen gardening. The act of zen gardening focuses on mindfulness, balance, and simplicity.

When you focus on these things during your zen gardening session, it will help you disconnect from what’s going on around you and reconnect with what’s happening internally.

While making Zen garden decoration ideas for small garden, you may also find that while doing this type of gardening, you’re able to think more clearly because all of your senses are engaged.

A Zen garden is a space created outside (or inside) where the goal is to produce natural beauty through simplicity.

Now we’ve got the necessary information to dive into the topic. So let’s find out how you can make your own Zen garden.

1. Create a Color Theme

Choose a color theme for your garden that helps you achieve a sense of calm and tranquility. This is important in order to have the perfect space for meditation, contemplation, or prayer.

Be sure to consider how much time and effort you are willing to put into maintaining your makeover ideas for Zen garden; some plants and decorations require more upkeep than others. 

Traditional Zen gardens include plants with varieties of reds and greens, but you can choose other colors if desired.

In general, the rule of thumb is that at least one third of your plants should be green foliage, one third should be flowering (or fruiting), and the last third should be vines or ground cover.

You can also include rocks for aesthetic appeal. Use this tip as inspiration for your own Zen garden makeover ideas!

2. Plant Low Maintenance Plants

If you have a small space, it can be hard to know how to make Zen small garden makeover ideas. If you’re looking for plants that require low maintenance, consider adding some of these plants to your garden.

(A) Forget-Me-Nots are not only beautiful in their own right but they also attract pollinators and butterflies. 

(B) Lavender is another plant that is aesthetically pleasing but also has multiple medicinal benefits as well as attracting bees and other beneficial insects. 

(C) Evergreens are another great addition because they help retain moisture and keep down weeds. They are especially good if you live in an area with cold winters.

(D) Herb gardens or windowsill herb gardens are perfect if you want fresh herbs year-round without taking up much space.

(E) To make the most of your small space, use pots strategically to create vignettes that draw attention and add visual interest.

(F) And finally, don’t forget about the annuals!

3. Add Decorative Plants

Zen gardens are a perfect addition to any garden, regardless of its size. This style is characterized by minimalism, simplicity, and tranquility.

When making Zen garden makeover tips, you want to make sure that it feels balanced and natural. You can achieve this by adding decorative plants such as bamboo or a bonsai tree.

Add some gravel for an earthy feel and place your garden in a shaded area for the best results.

4. Create Some Pathways

One of the best ways to transform your small garden is by adding some pathways.

These simple steps to design a Zen garden can create an interesting focal point for your space and you will be amazed at how much open space you actually have now.

Pathways also make it easier to maintain your garden and keep it looking clean. Here are three simple options for adding paths in your small garden.

5. Break Up the Ground with Rocks and Pebbles

It’s possible to give your small Zen garden a new look without spending too much money.

Start by breaking up the ground with rocks and pebbles, which creates a natural look and provides for an interesting, textured surface.

You can buy these at any home improvement store or simply search for them on Google images.

Next, lay down some gravel to cover the ground in between the rocks and pebbles, which will help hold everything together.

Plant low-maintenance succulents around the perimeter of your rock layout, as they are drought resistant and require little maintenance.

Finally, add a couple of plants (tall trees or flowers) to accentuate your rock garden!

6. Add Fountains and Water Features

Fountains and water features are a great way to add life to a garden.

They also make the atmosphere feel more peaceful and serene, which is perfect for zen gardens.

You can find fountains in any size or shape you want.

If space is tight, consider an indoor fountain that can be placed near your window so you can enjoy the sound of trickling water all day long.

Additionally in your Zen garden makeover tips, you can create mini-fountains by stacking stones into a bowl-shaped design. Just fill it with water and watch as it cascades over the rocks from one tier to the next!

Want to go even simpler?

Consider adding some little goldfish into your pond instead of a larger fountain. Fishes will keep mosquitoes at bay while providing constant entertainment and interest for kids too!

7. Select Outdoor Furniture that Matches Well With This Design

Outdoor furniture is an important aspect of any outdoor design.

Focal points, like a beautiful fire pit or patio set, can tie together the space and create a charming ambiance for your backyard retreat.

When it comes to a small Zen garden, the most important element to consider is scale.

This means that you’ll want to select furniture that is proportionate to the space you’re designing for.

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